Simon E'Maroch

Captain of the Guard of Bradshire


Simon is the Captain of the Guard of Bradshire. He’s been a lifelong resident of the town and has served in that role for the past eight years.

Simon was recently revealed to be part of a corrupt group of guardsmen and others who are involved in attacks on merchants by bandits. The leader of the bandits has been referred to by the name Caleb, but his whereabouts and intentions are still unknown.

In a fight within the Council Square itself, Simon was defeated and disarmed by a group of residents and traveling adventure-seekers. He is now at their mercy as they prepare to question him about his ties to the bandits, concerns over further corruption within Bradshire, and the disappearance of several family members of the group.


Simon is in his early thirties, gruff and seasoned by dealing with a decade and a half in the Guard. He is a fair, but demanding man, competent and firm in his authority.

Gathered from the personal journals of Simon E’Maroch, Guard Captain of Bradshire:

Simon was born to Ethan E’Maroch, whose father (Morian) brought Ethan to Bradshire as a young man almost thirty-five years ago. While he was yet a small boy, both of Simon’s parents succumbed to a deadly outbreak of fever and died during one particularly harsh winter. He was raised by his grandfather after that and respects and reveres the now-elderly man who brought him up. From his grandfather, Simon learned a smattering of the history of Kelthuria and the War of Succesion, which Simon believes Morian may have once fought in. From those same stories, Simon also gleaned that Morian may hold a deep regret for having fled battle during the war, deserting his comrades and running away to Bradshire, something the old man had hinted at and which Simon always believed to be Morian’s deepest secret and most painful memory.

Trained by Morian in the ways of fighting and honor, Simon was an unsurprising addition to the Guard of Bradshire upon his reaching adulthood. It was shortly before his twenty-fourth birthday that he was appointed to be Captain, a position he quickly proved himself in by quelling a brief rise in violent crimes and dispatching the leader of a street gang which had formed within the town’s poorer district. Following his confirmation as Captain, his grandfather privately presented him with his own suit of armor, a treasure which Morian had kept hidden and which Simon cherishes deeply. The suit has the E’Maroch crest upon it, something Morian had never previously mentioned, but which Simon feels connects him to his family’s semi-noble past, something he had long suspected from his grandfather’s stories.

A year and a half ago, a courier from Lord Marten summoned Simon to the lord’s manor. There, Lord Marten commanded Simon to allow members of a bandit group to operate in and around Bradshire and to turn a blind eye as Lord Marten permitted hired thugs to begin raising illegal revenue by operating protection rackets. Initially furious and prepared to haul Lord Marten before the rest of the council, Simon was told that his grandfather’s life would be forfeit if he should do so. Concerned by this threat, Simon eventually agreed to permit Lord Marten’s schemes to go unhindered, while harboring both guilt at the stain to his honor and fear for the safety of his teacher, beloved father figure, and hero. When his grandfather died shortly before the end of the winter, some two months past, Simon very nearly gave up the entire plot, hearing the continued fears of the citizens that he had sworn to protect and whom he was now all but leaving to their own defenses. Yet Lord Marten convinced him that he would never be believed by the rest of the council, even as Simon began to notice the eagerness of some of his own men to be a part of the shakedowns and abuse of power. Leaving most of the details in the hands of his second-in-command, Pahrs, Simon has tried to distance himself from the knowledge of his own actions as much as possible and focus on what issues he can control honestly. He hopes one day to find forgiveness …

Simon E'Maroch

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