Zanna Ninnywidgit

A young, bookish gnome psion.


Zanna was born nineteen years ago to Rovask and Aevine Ninnywidgit in the town of Bradshire, where she has lived her entire life. From the earliest days of her childhood she has been a very thoughtful and intelligent gnome, and thus far she has been mostly successful in concealing some slightly mischievous tendencies. Despite her outwards appearance as a shy and obedient goodie-two-shoes, she has a very curious disposition and a resulting thirst for adventure—though she has so far lacked the courage and opportunity to seek it.

Zanna looks up to her close childhood friend Lan, largely because she is bolder than Zanna and gives her opportunities to get out of her books and live life on the edge. However, Zanna sometimes tires of having to be the responsible one (and nothing good ever happens when she stops being the responsible one). She has recently learned that Lan is a changeling, and while this surprised Zanna, it has not changed her feelings towards her good friend.

The Ninnywidgit clan is a proud family of working- and middle-class gnomes based in Cape Caladan. Most of the Ninnywidgits make a living as tinkerer-merchants. Rovask left the cape early in his adult life hoping to become the first Ninnywidgit to set up shop in the capitol. He veered off this path when, passing outside Bradshire, he met a beautiful gnome maiden struggling with a bundle of carrots. She was attempting to carry them by holding her skirt out in front of her as a makeshift pocket. The next day, Rovask met her in the same place with a gnome-sized wheelbarrow he had built himself. When she asked him how much it cost, he replied that she owed him nothing, but if she were so inclined she could repay him with a kiss. They were soon wed, and Aevine convinced Rovask to stay in Bradshire because she had lived there all her life and felt safe there. Rovask happily gave up his ambitions of moving to the capitol and opened a shop selling handcrafted wagons and carts in Bradshire. Zanna is their only child.

The Bradshire Ninnywidgits were not particularly affluent as far as merchants go, but they greatly valued Zanna’s education and saved their money so that she could afford to be tutored alongside the wealthier children in the town. Zanna earns very high marks in school, largely due to her parents’ encouragement and pressure. Her parents knew about her psionic powers, and Rovask found it particularly amusing when Zanna occasionally used them to cause mischief and play pranks.

Though Zanna has not completely forgiven Guard Captain Simon E’Maroch for his corruption, after reading his journal she respects his memory and views him more as a victim than a criminal. She considers Lord Martin and Caleb personally responsible for her parents’ death, and she will not rest until she has ripped out their happy memories one by one.

Zanna Ninnywidgit

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